DV-W 5000 (E/S)

TEAC’s new professional DV-W5000 is the world’s most efficient andaccurate CD/DVD recorder and verifier for qualified applications. It offers hundred per cent quality control for all discs. DV-W5000 has some special functions added to fulfil requirements in industrial use. This product really makes the a difference!



- high accuracy of tray open position
- reduces the mis-loading of the disc by Auto-Loader
- improving the throughput by immediate transition to verify mode
- very quick verify mode
- fast tray operation
- improvement of reliability and maintenance system
- support new discs by adjusting new write strategies
- error report by blinking LED
- accumulative turn-on time on Laser Diode
- measure PI/PO error
- total Power-on-Hour, CD/DVD write/read accumulate time


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